The black iPhone 7 found an engineering defect (no scratches)

Apple has not released a full black iPhone c 2012 - iPhone 5 with a black coated then it became the focus of a scandal quickly abrade the body. In 2016 the company had the courage and released the iPhone 7 in the chic Jet Black color. But history repeated itself, but now everything has become even worse.

The fact that the glossy black "Seven" quickly covered with scratches, it is no secret. But now Reddit share another serious drawback. If you look closely at the picture above, you will notice that it something is missing. Apple. Exactly - Jet Black coating is applied using a special technology with multiple anodized and polished, but because of this it keeps bad paint. Moreover, the absence of coveted logo - not only aesthetic problem. Together with him (or even faster) disappear certification data, and without them, the unit can not accept the warranty.

Via - Kanobu

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