iPhone 8 will receive a Smart Connector and accessories for VR

What we have just seen on the following Apple flagship. Now The Verifier blog Israeli sources announced the new information. They argue that the novelty will differ "on all fronts". An unusual feature of the device will be the Smart Connector plug, which predicted "seven" for six months. It is believed that the way it should be, but at the last moment kupertinovtsy abandoned this idea.

Sources say that the connector will be used for new covers, batteries, as well as for wireless charging technology. Previously stated that it will "full"Acting at a distance of 4.5 meters.

Besides, iPhone 8 It will be imprisoned in a virtual / augmented reality. Therefore, the new connector is also aimed at the use of proprietary VR / AR-accessories. However, this is only a rumor and believe it is worth a grain of salt.

Via - 9to5

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