Xiaomi Mi 6 Features

The smartphone has a frame made of steel, and the front and rear panels of a special "rounded" glass.

The fingerprint reader is located under the glass - the first time. Of connectors for connecting the smartphone remained USB-C only. Following on the other proizvoditelyai Xiaomi said mini-jack "goodbye." This is due to the fact that all models of Mi 6 water protection standard IP68. Traditionally, the "Chinese" smartphone received support for two SIM cards.
Xiaomi Mi 5 comes in two colors: black and white. Xiaomi Mi 6 got another two colors - blue and silver

Features Xiaomi Mi 6:

Chipset: Snapdragon 835 / Pinecone / Helio X30;
Screen: 5.15-inch with a resolution of Full HD 1080p;
RAM: 6 GB depending on configuration;

iPhone 8 will receive a Smart Connector and accessories for VR

What we have just seen on the following Apple flagship. Now The Verifier blog Israeli sources announced the new information. They argue that the novelty will differ "on all fronts". An unusual feature of the device will be the Smart Connector plug, which predicted "seven" for six months. It is believed that the way it should be, but at the last moment kupertinovtsy abandoned this idea.

Sources say that the connector will be used for new covers, batteries, as well as for wireless charging technology. Previously stated that it will "full"Acting at a distance of 4.5 meters.

Besides, iPhone 8 It will be imprisoned in a virtual / augmented reality. Therefore, the new connector is also aimed at the use of proprietary VR / AR-accessories. However, this is only a rumor and believe it is worth a grain of salt.

Via - 9to5

The black iPhone 7 found an engineering defect (no scratches)

Apple has not released a full black iPhone c 2012 - iPhone 5 with a black coated then it became the focus of a scandal quickly abrade the body. In 2016 the company had the courage and released the iPhone 7 in the chic Jet Black color. But history repeated itself, but now everything has become even worse.

The fact that the glossy black "Seven" quickly covered with scratches, it is no secret. But now Reddit share another serious drawback. If you look closely at the picture above, you will notice that it something is missing. Apple. Exactly - Jet Black coating is applied using a special technology with multiple anodized and polished, but because of this it keeps bad paint. Moreover, the absence of coveted logo - not only aesthetic problem. Together with him (or even faster) disappear certification data, and without them, the unit can not accept the warranty.

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Why Apple released iOS 10.3.1

Last week, Apple released an urgent update iOS 10.3.1Containing in itself improve safety. But what exactly has corrected the company? It said Google Project Zero (GPZ), and Apple has confirmed.

GPZ experts gave a detailed account of the vulnerability of Wi-Fi Broadcom modules widely used in smartphones, Apple, Samsung and Nexus. Being next to the device, an attacker could using a special code to crack the Wi-Fi device module and execute arbitrary code.

Nokia 9 Will Feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 22MP Rear Camera & Iris Scanning

Today, we’ve got a lot of details for an upcoming smartphones. As the Android world moves forward from Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, it’s time to see what else is headed our way. After Sony and Samsung, other manufacturers will also provide us with smartphones that feature the 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Out of these, we’re excited for what HMD global has to ofer. The company’s had a lot of success with its Nokia refresh. However, details related to a flagship smartphone are scanty. Not today though. Take a look below to find out more.

Camera Phone Sony Xperia XA1

Sony and "The Messenger" announce the start of a brand new pre-order Xperia XA1, which was submittedwithin the MWC 2017. Its main feature was the camera with a resolution of 23 megapixel, ExmorRS matrix (1 / 2.3 ") and a lens with a maximum aperture f / 2.0, allows you to take high-quality photos even in low light conditions. Furthermore PhotoChances XA1 differs from competitors 5-inch screen with no side frames, although it resolution and low, 1280x720 pixels. Responsible for the performance MediaTek Helio P20 with eight Cortex-A53 cores and accelerator Mali-T880.The volume was 3 GB of RAM, built-in memory is set to 32GB.

Among other features of a smartphone is to provide an 8-megapixel front camera, modest by today's standards the battery at 2300 mAh and technology Adaptive Charging Qnovo, checks the status of the battery charge and optimize distribution. Xperia XA1 works on Android 7.0-based, supplemented by technology Xperia Actions, which studies the behavior of the user and helps in various situations with customizable options and individual recommendations. The system remembers your daily routine, sleep periods of movement routes and other evidence to demonstrate the necessary clues.

HD-display and the battery on 2300 mAh, but it is possible quality camera of these deficiencies still compensate.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7

iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8? What will be the flagship of the best in 2017? In the network "leaked" have as much information about the future novelty that nearly all of its known characteristics. The official presentation will take place on 29 March.

None of the leaks has not yet been officially confirmed. We just quick review.

Galaxy S8: 3500 mAh battery (3750 mAh - S8 Plus). According to other information - 3000 and 3500 mAh, respectively.
iPhone 7: 1960 mAh

Galaxy S8: General - 12 Mn, front - 8 Mn
iPhone 7: Basic - 12 megapixel front - 7 megapixel


Top 5 facts about Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus officially presented on 29 March. About Korean flagship knew almost everything: numerous leaks, photos, videos and talked about the characteristics, and in terms of appearance and price.

Galaxy S8 - the smartphone of the future due to the 5.8-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9. He is elongated and occupies almost the entire front surface. Of course, LG G6 with a screen of 18: 9 came out a little earlier (already available in Russia for 52 thousand rubles), Samsung looks beautiful. At LG has side frames and a flat screen and Samsung's curved facets, like the Galaxy S7 edge. Now both S8 are curved screens and flat smartphones will be transferred in the A-series.

Facebook is testing a section with recommended contents

A new function - part of the Facebook experiment, to provide users with an alternative social network news channel, which consists of reports, articles, photos and videos. Recommended publications will be selected in accordance with the page on which you have already been signed. It analyzes the social network group, which like the user, and offer similar content.

Previously, Facebook has introduced another novelty: the social network allowed users to collect donations for personal purposes. Turn to friends, you can help raise funds for medical treatment, education, emergencies and funerals.

Frameless Xiaomi Mi6

According to numerous leaks and rumors have it is possible to form the impression that Xiaomi Mi6 will be quite similar to Mi5S. This is alsoschematic drawingsand photo of the front glassAnd many other insides. However, recent data, supplemented with photos, to the contrary - it should be a whole new machine, more like a Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

Published on the web photos show a smartphone without the three display frames and with a rounded bottom of the screen, it seems absolutely fantastic. All sensors front camera and earpiece are located above the display. power and volume rocker button - to the right.

smartphone chassis is made of metal,