iPad Pro 10,5 first reviews

The past week was exciting for us. Apple introduced the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Someone already got my hands on a novelty, and hastened to share their impressions about the new iPad Pro 10,5 ". All mark a big step in the development of tablets.

iPad Pro got a bigger and better display, faster processor, more RAM, and its enhanced keyboard Smart Keyboard enables more convenient to work with the device, rather than its predecessor. Perhaps he did not convince you that the iPad can actually be a "professional" device, but it is even more attractive model than its 9.7-inch predecessor.
Excellent display, improved storage capacities, faster processor, better camera and a large display in a compact size

Xiaomi explained the reasons for refusal of a 3.5mm connector in Mi6

Xiaomi company unveiled a new flagship smartphone Mi6 last week. New devoid standard 3.5 mm audio jacks. Today, the Chinese manufacturer has explained why go to such an unpopular decision. The Xiaomi's official blog, an image, which explains the rejection of classical audio jacks. As it turned out, the refusal of 3.5-mm jack for mobile devices, allowing manufacturers to save space inside the apparatus, which in turn makes it possible to make them much thinner. "At a time when every millimeter counts within the housing for the manufacturer optimally to give up analog ports for headphones, freeing up space for other components, including the battery. In addition, the digital interface provides a higher quality. The future of this interface" - noted the Xiaomi.Perhaps the failure of the standard 3.5-mm audio jacks will allow manufacturers to equip its flagship Mi6 battery capacity of 3350 mAh battery.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Features

The smartphone has a frame made of steel, and the front and rear panels of a special "rounded" glass.

The fingerprint reader is located under the glass - the first time. Of connectors for connecting the smartphone remained USB-C only. Following on the other proizvoditelyai Xiaomi said mini-jack "goodbye." This is due to the fact that all models of Mi 6 water protection standard IP68. Traditionally, the "Chinese" smartphone received support for two SIM cards.
Xiaomi Mi 5 comes in two colors: black and white. Xiaomi Mi 6 got another two colors - blue and silver

Features Xiaomi Mi 6:

Chipset: Snapdragon 835 / Pinecone / Helio X30;
Screen: 5.15-inch with a resolution of Full HD 1080p;
RAM: 6 GB depending on configuration;

Nexus 5X Hardware Modded to Upgrade RAM from 2GB to 4GB

Coincidentally around this time last year, we brought to you news about how an XDA Member modded his Nexus 5 to upgrade his internal storage from the 32GB on the device to 64GB! The hardware hack involved replacing the eMMC chip from the device with a new eMMC chip, and required a fair bit of skill to do so. more..X-DA